Cruiser SUP 1 piece 100% Carbon Paddle

While adjustable paddles are all fine and well.  There is a time and a place where one piece paddles are the better choice.  When you are the sole user of that paddle.  There comes a time when going with a 100% carbon construction becomes the best option.  It is when you are looking to step up your SUP performance.  When those two situations align, it is time to look at the Cruiser SUP 1 piece Carbon Paddle.

We carry this one piece carbon paddle for a very simple reason.  It is the best option for stand up paddle boarders looking to improve their overall performance.  The paddle arrives measuring 88″ long.  From there you can cut the paddle shaft to whatever length is right for you, and glue the handle in place.  It’s super simple and allows you to customize your paddle to your needs