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“How do I avoid breaking my fin...

“How do I avoid breaking my fin?”

We sometimes hear from customers after they have broken the fin tab (the thin part that you screw into).  There are a number of causes for this, with one constant: impact. Fins do not magically break on their own.  Force needs to be exerted upon them in order for a break to occur. There are […]

Cruiser SUP 1 piece 100% Carbon Paddl...

Cruiser SUP 1 piece 100% Carbon Paddle

While adjustable paddles are all fine and well.  There is a time and a place where one piece paddles are the better choice.  When you are the sole user of that paddle.  There comes a time when going with a 100% carbon construction becomes the best option.  It is when you are looking to step […]

Cruiser SUP Wahine LTD 10’8

Cruiser SUP Wahine LTD 10’8

Our very first product spotlight is on the 2015 Cruiser SUP Ultra-Lite Wahine LTD 10’8.  This board allows riders up to 210 pounds to enjoy flat-water, surf, and everything in between.  The carbon/kevlar reinforced rails and standing area improve the durability and longevity of the board, making it perfect for everyday and family use!  The soft, […]