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How to repair minor paddleboard crack...

How to repair minor paddleboard cracks

Sometimes you accidentally knock your board harder than intended when taking it out of the shed, launching from a dock, or doing any number of daily activities.  But when you hit your board against hard surfaces you can cause damage.  While this is never ideal, the good news is that there is a very simple […]

SUP Heat and UV Warning and Precautio...

SUP Heat and UV Warning and Precautions

While stand up paddleboards are made to be used in beautiful weather, it is still important to take extra care when it is hot and sunny.  Here are a few tips to care for your board is excessive heat and ensure that you get many years of enjoyment out of your board. Always remove your board […]

“How do I avoid breaking my fin...

“How do I avoid breaking my fin?”

We sometimes hear from customers after they have broken the fin tab (the thin part that you screw into).  There are a number of causes for this, with one constant: impact. Fins do not magically break on their own.  Force needs to be exerted upon them in order for a break to occur. There are […]

Cruiser SUP 1 piece 100% Carbon Paddl...

Cruiser SUP 1 piece 100% Carbon Paddle

While adjustable paddles are all fine and well.  There is a time and a place where one piece paddles are the better choice.  When you are the sole user of that paddle.  There comes a time when going with a 100% carbon construction becomes the best option.  It is when you are looking to step […]

How to Install the Center Fin

How to Install the Center Fin

Although installing the center fin on you new SUP can seem daunting at first, we promise that it really is quite simply.  Simply follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be out on the water in no time! Step 1: Make sure you have your fin, fin screw, and nut (these were likely in plastic […]

Top SUP Questions

Top SUP Questions

We often receive the same questions from new customers as they begin searching for the right stand up paddleboard.  These questions are so great, that we felt the need to share them with you, providing you with answers right from the beginning. 1.  Where do I start? It’s ok to feel overwhelmed when you start […]